Holiday in Finland – rest in the cottage, plus the nature of civilization

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, namely, to combine a vacation in Finland in the lap of nature while at the same time not losing all the benefits of civilization, then rest in the cottage. Imagine, in the spring, your eyes will bloom the first wild flowers and autumn berries and mushrooms covered with Finnish lesa.Na ph you see one of the houses proposed for a family holiday in Finlyandii. Govoryat that out of 400, 000 summer cottages in Finland in winter, when the Brilliant snow carpet beckons hiking to skiing, all the cottages are occupied. Even if a Finnish family does not have a country house in the winter she spends the weekend with their parents on the farm. Rauha in Finnish, that is, complete rest – this is when a few miles around not a soul, although the Finns call the inhospitable, language is not povorachivaetsya. Tak now, avoiding pensions Leningrad Arrange for a week in the club’s cottage, where there is always a restaurant, convenience store and service center, and often – a tennis court and mini golf. Do not be surprised that little hut, where you are staying vacant hotel “pyatishishechny” discharge (bumps here instead of stars). In the picture you see one of the cottages in Finland, absorbed in the realm of winter skazki. Esli you paid 1, 500 euros, then in the service included wood for the fireplace, grill outdoors and enjoy the boat. There is a hut with a “bump”, but it’s for 150 euros, and with facilities in the street – in the summer, the midnight sun is not quite comme il faut. Such a pleasure for you the leading operator in Finland «Lomarengas», but hurry, because the Finns have been prudent in January Exclusive Offers cottages on the best berry-mushroom time. Those who are lucky and he will have time to settle, most importantly, it does not forget the slippers, and remember – the work of a maid is paid otdelno.Na photo is a view on the porch at the entrance to the cottage in the evening, letom.V cottage has a living room and fully equipped kitchen. One or more often two bedrooms with separate doors. Hot and cold water and shower. Sauna with separate bathroom and cloakroom. Electric heating, lighting, stove, fridge, freezer. Bed linen is better to buy from the owners of 11.12 euros for a suite which includes sheets, duvet cover, pillowcase, towel, kitchen towel, and rest. Luxury villas are equipped with dishwasher, washing machine and microwave ovens. Drinking water is delivered from a stream or a cottage owner, the water for other purposes – from the lake.


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